Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family photo and TWENTYTEN!!!

First of all--I promise to start my Christmas cards BEFORE THANKSGIVING next year.  Wait. THIS year! It's twentyten!  So I had to stamp HAPPY NEW YEAR inside my cards this year. Oy! I'll be posting the pic of the card this week...don't want to spoil it for my friends who haven't received theirs yet! HAHA.

We've started this tradition to include a family photo...and a letter...with our Christmas Cards.  This year I scrapped the letter--it's so hard to compile the lives of 5 people onto one page.  More than one page in a Christmas Card is a little much.  Really.  Who wants to read a novel with a card? Ahhh I digress...but here was our photo.  We decided to do something different and this version won because my hubby liked the expression on my face with Chibi licking my chin.  So cute!

That's me, with Chibi our adorable Bichon Frise, my hubby Dean, Delaney (11 yrs), Kayci (10 yrs) and Madison (15 yrs). We had a lot of fun trying to take this photo (my father in law is holding the camera).

So I don't really like to do resolutions every New Year, because I basically set myself up for failure. Seriously.  I've NEVER EVAH kept my resolutions. However, this year I'll be 40 and I promised myself years ago that I would be in the best shape of my life EVAH by I'm getting serious about that.  Now. Plus my favorite Triathlon is in June and I plan to be so ready for it!!

As for my stamping goals for 2010, I plan to:

Blog at least once a week.  I can do that.  I enjoy blogging and will most likely have new stampin' stuff to post each I plan to share more!

Participate in more challenges--I love them.  I really loved KWernerDesign's challenge, so I hope she picks it back up. But I've also discovered many more that I want to participate in!

Both of the above mean I will set aside time to stamp at least once a week.  Life gets away from me usually and I have this fabulous crafty space to work in...I want to utilize it more.  So I will!

I've also decided I'm going back to my Franklin Covey planner.  My iphone calender is great for setting alarms for stuff--but I'm a tactile/hands-on person and need a central location to write my TO-DO and plans.

Wow. All this and I don't have a card to post!  Stay tuned! I'll be back!
Happy New Year!


Libby Hickson said...

CUTE family photo!! And good luck with all those GOALS (not resolutions!). :-)

Lisa said...

Cute picture and Frankin Covey rocks!!

You and yours have a wonderful, blessed New Year!!!

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