Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why stamping keeps me sane....

I have 3 children. Three daughters. (My mom jokes that is PAYBACK. ahem.) Most of the time they are the greatest joy EVAH. But, let me be more specific. They are 16, 12 and 11 years old. All in puberty. Yeah. That means Hormones. Attitude. I MUST have the IQ of a walnut most days.  They are good girls. Loving and a LOT of fun. I've taught them how to BWAHAHAA like their momma. And they're also die-hard Star Wars fans. Yes, I know how to raise my children correctly. I know my priorities.

Kayci (11), Madison (16), and Delaney (12)

Oh...back to being the biggest joy...well, sometimes. Like today. My 16 year old, who is kind of dragging her feet on learning how to drive calls me today to come pick her up from her tennis tournament because she's done playing and she doesn't have to take the bus back to school. Ok, so I drive 40 minutes out of town to pick her up. When I get there, however, she discovers that NO she cannot leave...she has another round to play. I turn around to drive home because she doesn't know when she'll be on the court and I have a stamping class to prep for. GAH! I proceed to call my hubby and leave him a loooong voicemail spewing my frustration. We decide to punish her--her choice--of either taking away her phone/computer for 24 hours OR she can choose to sit in the car for 80 minutes (my round trip time wasted) without radio, ipod, book or phone. Just. Sit. There. To hopefully learn a lesson about NOT ASSUMING ANYTHING.

So what did I do while she sat in my car (in the garage) for 80 minutes...???
I made a card!!! And I was soooo happy when I was done. Yes, stamping keeps me sane. I don't need blood pressure medication. I just need time to stamp!

And...It's that time again....FRIENDS WITH FLAIR blog hop!
What? You don't know what I'm talkin' about? Unity Stamp Company recruits 50 volunteers to stamp a card with Unity or Ippity stamps and we all share and SQUEEEEE over one anothers cards.

I have a hard time designing cards on my own....but I am WAY excited about this week's card because I didn't CASE (Copy And Steal Everything) this from someone else. When I was finished I had to SQUEEE a little bit. 

I had a lot of fun "mutilating" errr.... distressing my paper for this card.  The Pacific Point layer behind the white is pulled apart for a sueded look.  I used my Stampin' Up! bone folder to curl the corners of the white layer.  I stamped scraps of white with the larger background sheet music stamp in Tangerine Tango and punched hearts then softened the paper with my bone folder and sponged the edges.  The background is stamped in Pacific Point with the same sheet music stamp and sponged (I used a scrap piece of paper torn to mask off the middle of paper).  The sentiment stamp was colored with SU! markers in Tangerine Tango, Pacific Point, Real Red for the heart and Basic Black.

So. Much. Fun!  Be sure to check out the other "hoppers" on this Blog Hop! Thanks for stopping by and please leave some comment love!

Oh...and did Maddie learn her lesson? We think so. After she vented on Facebook about her punishment, she did say she will "never assume anything again." Yes, my job here is done.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Lisa - papergrace said...

BEAUTIMOUS!!! Love the colors and the music notes. Soooo super pretty, Dana. ♥LOVE IT!!♥ :)

Unknown said...

super cute card! love the color combo!

my capcha word is 'pottie' as in "gee, i hope babe goes back to bed soon - i need to use the pottie!"

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

I follow you on twitter, but am just getting around to blog-surfing again.

Stunning card so original & what a great read your post was-heehee Hormones. Thanks for the double dose of inspiration!

Lydia Fiedler said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!! Omg the brilliance of that punishment boggles my mind a little bit! Someone is totally going to CASE that technique!!! :D

Anyhoo - this card is AMAzzzzzzzING!!! I LOVE the masked music/sponging - freaking brilliant!!!! and the colors are perfection.

Hey your signature in your blog posts is cool!!

You're just cool.

WV: witedabo - I witedabo 80 minutes for her and then I made her sit in the car!

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

Oh, that "punishment" is perfection! You are so smart!

WV: prolde
I am so prolde, it's spelled with an 'e'.

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is ADORABLE! OMG I cannot even imagine what life will be like and I have ONE ten-going-on-18 year old, not THREE! Yikes! Well, you did GOOD-and I agree w/ Lydia you ARE cool!

This is darling! Happy FWF!

chickadee3357 said...

Very cool card! I have two girls but they are only 10 mo. and 4. I'm worried about the days to come when the horomones hit. eek.

Marcy H. said...

Beautiful Card!! I commend you on sticking to the punishment!! I have a 20 yr old daughter ~ can be challenging at times.

Unknown said...

such a wonderful card.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and what a great design! Go you!

Lisa a

Erin said...

Great music note stamping!

Gwynn said...

wonderful card! I love the hearts with the music on them!

Linda said...

Your card very sweet and you have fun and colorful blog too!

Angie Blom said...

Well you had a busy day.. I guess I can't do that kind of punishment cause I don't drive either.. but if I had the chance to do it I would want to be the one left alone for 80 minutes.. that is not punishment that would be heaven for me..hehe.. well I hope it worked for you. your card is stunning.. you got your creative juices going.. send some my way!! xx

Katrina Hunt said...

so so pretty!!!!!! Great card!

Roslyn said...

I have 3 daughters too, ages 14, 12, and 10. I feel your pain!
Stamping (and scrapbooking) also keep me sane...and I love the discipline you netted out! Will have to remember that one!

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