Sunday, February 13, 2011

Working on the studio...

My 2 biggest faults (these are self-proclaimed...we're not talking to my hubby!) are lack or organization and time management (otherwise known as Procrastination). The organization issue I have stumps me because when I'm at work I'm borderline OCD. Well....a little MORE than borderline. I think this is from my days when I worked as a bank teller.  All currency HAS to face the same way in the drawer, and the entire job is about detail. You have to be organized when handling thousands of dollars of cash every day...or you may spend hours looking for an outage because you can't balance your drawer. Of course this didn't happen to me because I was sooo meticulous. :D hehe

Anyway, I digress. And who doesn't have issues with procrastination?

This weekend was dedicated to organizing the stamp studio. Especially after I saw this post by the Stampy Goddess Lisa Spangler. I mean, really?!?! I'm sorry Lisa, but that is not "messy". Lemme show you "messy" mkay?

This is the table to the left of my main desk. This pile in front of my ink pad storage is mostly class layouts I've printed and "stacked" there. They will eventually be bound and filed on the bookshelf above this table. Key word is EVENTUALLY.

Here's the table in the center of my studio. Um...yeah. The plastic bag is full of the irreverant stamps I bought at the stamp show I went to in Dallas a few weeks ago. (see?!? Procrastination!) Also, there are several UNFINISHED projects in piles on this table.  My goal this weekend was to sort and/or finish those cards and file them away to eventually give to someone.  But instead, I worked on the following:

I FINALLY organized my Nestabilities!!! YAY ME!!!!! Lydia gave me the idea to take magnetic vent covers, trim them to mount on chipboard, then file your dies. This is SOOOO much easier than sorting through a big pile of them! And fortunately I already had a file box ready to go to put these in! SQUEEEE!!!

I spent the rest of the weekend cracking the whip getting my offspring to clean their rooms and OHMUGUH I understand why some species eat their young. (JUST KIDDING!!!)

I have my Sale-A-Bration Open House this week! Wednesday from 5-7 pm and it's come-and-go if you want to shop some of my retired/duplicate items/stamps/punches and pick up a catalog. Email or call me to let me know you're coming by! Of course...this means I'll be cleaning up!!! :D


leslie (crookedstamper) said...

I love that you also show your workspace to the blogosphere. :) And yeah, you are still an amateur.

I have strips of magnets i use for organizing my Nesties, too. I should blog that. I should. It may be the one thing that IS organized in there. HAHA! *ahem*

Lydia Fiedler said...

Okay this is WAY better than the stamp cases I have mine in!!

HILARIOUS post. Especially the eating the young. :)

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