Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SQUEEEEE!!! New Products!!!! And Leadership Conference!!! SQUEEE!

The Occasions Mini Catalog lauches tomorrow January 5th!

AND SALE-A-BRATION!!! If you're new to the Stampin' Up world--Sale-A-Bration (SAB) is an annual mini-catalog where with every $50 you spend in product you choose one free item from the SAB catalog! SO FUN! This year SAB has not just stamps, but paper and even PUNCHES!

Just scroll through the catalogs....giddiness abounds! I looove new toys to get my fingers inky with! The new clear block stamps are AWESOME...and storage in the DVD cases is just brilliant! LOVE IT!

Wednesday I fly out to Phoenix, AZ for Stampin' Up's Leadership Conference! Soooo excited! We'll have classes and info on new products and possibly sneak-peeks into what's coming up later this year...SO EXCITED!!! And even more exciting than that is girlfriend time! I'll get to meet up again with my friend Lydia--who only lives in not-so-far-away-Austin--but who I get to communicate with often via Twitter.
I also get to finally meet one of my Twitter friends in real life (IRL)-- @Moeneeke--Monique, from California!

I finally finished my New Year's Cards.  I'm mailing them out tomorrow to the rest of my friends and Twitter Friends (or...Tweeple hehe). Wow...
OH MY GOSH. I just realized I posted TWO BLOG POSTS IN TWO DAYS!!!!
Let me go take my temperature.
Peruse the catalogs--and if there's anything you want, need or just MUST HAVE please go to my website and SHOP AWAY!!! :D You can order online through my website and have your order shipped directly to your house! Fantastic!
(and click on the "SHOP NOW" button in the top right corner)

I'll post an update or two while in Phoenix (shocker, I know!!!)
Have a great week!

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