Sunday, January 17, 2010

Confused yet?

So if you came from my OTHER blog you know I'm trying to streamline my "branding". Most artists I know use their name as their brand--well I started a few years ago with Darth Sunshine--the nickname my brother gave me that has ultimately stuck because I'm such the Star Wars fan and I LAUGH AT EVERYTHING. (I'll explain the history in a moment).  Anyway--in looking at the big picture of "branding" myself--Darth Sunshine fits me better than Fanstampulous. Fanastampblahblah is a great "name"--but labels me only as a stamper, methinks.  My artistic realm extends beyond the stamping borders--so I didn't like the idea of being put in a box. Actually...I put myself in that box. HAHA!

SO--I already "owned" the and decided I was going to use it.  Now my Twitter ( @darthsunshine ) and gaming nickname and basically every username I have everywhere is darthsunshine. That's who I am. (Well...that and "Wonder Woman" if I'm on a wait list at a restaurant! Bwahaha)
So how did I get this name? My brother has the BEST sense of humor EVAH.  He makes me laugh continuously--I'm not kidding. Here is me and my brother, Skip, at our favorite roller coaster ride EVAH--Space Mountain at Disneyland in California!

(Yes, that is me and hubby in the front making our "signature" roller coaster ride face. Skip is right behind me MOCKING US! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laugh SO HARD when I see the picture!)

We are both Star Wars fans. HUGE fans. Not kidding you there. A few years ago he was telling me that anyone that ticked him off he was calling them Sith Lords (for those of you in the dark...a Sith Lord is Darth Vader, or Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Darth Grievous, etc.) Later that day I was teasing him about something (neither of us remember) and he looked at me and said "That's're a Sith Lord!" and I retorted with "WhatEVAH, I'm the Epitome of Love and Kindness!!!" and his reponse was "That makes you Darth SUNSHINE!".  OMG I laughed SO HARD...we were both gasping for air at the time.  So stinking funny.  The best nickname EVAH. that the history is blogged....I'm working on transferring all my links from my old blog to this one. Most of my links are up. I'm going to persuade my BWAHAHA-sista Lydia to maybe do a new Blog Header for me...with cash of course :D

I've got some stamping classes coming up--I'll be posting again soon!
Thanks for sticking around!


Lisa - papergrace said...

Love the background story behind your oh-so-awesome name!! Your family sounds so fun!! We never gave each other cool nicknames, unless you consider "poopyhead" a cool nickname and, uhhh there's NO WAY I'm branding myself Poopyhead. :D

Love ya!! xoxo

Lisa said...

"Poopyhead" is the brand name of Libby's son. Sorry, the "other" Lisa! Giggle.

I'm glad you are chasing your desire. You'll succeed. Best wishes sweet Dana!

WV-foestor- "Run, foestor, Run!"

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