Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things that start with the letter "B"....

Today is my daughter's boyfriend's birthday....Happy Birthday Colin!
Last night my daughter had a tennis match after school and then a TON of homework so she asked me to PUHleez wrap Colin's presents for her....oh, and could I make him a card...but then she found a card (in my box of "ready-made") she wanted to give him.
I wanted to make another card because ALL the b'day cards I had were either girly, or....well, girly. She took the last "manly" card I had--which had robots and binary code on it!  I saw my need to make another couple of BOY cards.
Colin's favorite color is Blue, and it's for a Birthday...and he's a Boy...
ok enough with that silliness!
Here's the card.


My favoritest thing in the world right now is Smooch Spritz--LOVE IT--and my camera does NOT do it justice...but it's gorgeous. Oops, maybe I shouldn't use that word describing a BOY card! Oh well.

This card was brought to you by the Letter B and the Number 15!

Supplies--all from Stampin' Up! Except that gorgeous Blue Smooch Spritz!
5/8" Satin Ribbon-Real Red, Big Shot, Dots embossing folder.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Fart....

As I mentioned in my last post, my hubby celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday by jumping out of a perfectly good plane. I really didn't think about making him a skydiving card....he's really more goofy than that.
When we talked about the type of card I would make him he joked with me "will it have farts?" BWAHAHA!!! The man really has a odd/funny sense of humour when it comes to things like that.

So....I decided to deliver:

Looky at the first little monster...he just pooted!!
Happy Birthday Old Fart!!

Supplies: Stamps, Paper, Ink=Stampin' Up
Accessories: punch and buttons=Stampin' Up
Colored with Copics...which should have been done with Memento Ink, but I couldn't find mine! WAH! Hence the lil' bit 'o bleed on the edges.
C'est la vie...I still had fun making this card.
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I will never EVAH do this....

My hubby turned 40 on Saturday and celebrated by jumping out of a perfectly good plane!!! Yes, he decided to SKYDIVE!!! omgomgomgomgomg!!!! I was SQUEEEEEEEEing from the ground while he was coming down. (You can hear me yelling in the background when he touches the ground! LOL)

(I'm going to post his birthday card tomorrow--my light wasn't very good for the pictures.)

I've got CKC Scrapbooking Convention this Saturday with Understandblue ! SQUEEEEEE!! I'm taking few classes and planning to post some stuff from that this weekend as well.
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