Friday, July 29, 2011

The Kitchen Cabinet Remodel!!!

My kitchen is DONE! Well...actually I should say my cabinets are DONE--the "deglossing", painting, top all took 4 days longer than we expected...but they're DONE and we LOVE THEM! 
The finished cabinets (they were honey oak, without hardware before)!
Now I do have a countertop refinishing kit...but I need to recover from this project...and we just finished painting my daughters bedrooms (pink AND green!) and I think I need some time to just relax.  But that hunter green countertop is going to bother me a bit more and more and the weeks progress.  But for now...I am VERY satisfied with my cabinets!

There's a MINI Virtual Stamp Night tonight and I've got cards to blog! Just wanted to get this photo up for you! :D

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The best part of Salt Lake City.....

I'm such a flibbertigibbet! I forgot my follow-up post from Stampin' Up Convention! (I KNOW you're all waiting to see the cabinets....the doors and hardware are going on TODAY and I'll be posting pictures of that crazy enormous project tonight....but I HAD to share some fun pictures from SLC!!!)

Truly, the best part of that insanely fun convention week of running around is spending time with friends you don't normally get to see! 
Lydia, Cheryl and I got to walk the stage for recruiting this year in Stampin' Up!

The last day in Salt Lake, my friend Melanie, picked me up from my hotel, took me to dinner at Cafe Rio (omg NOM NOM NOM WE SERIOUSLY NEED ONE IN SAN ANTONIO!!!!) and then we drove up to Snowbird Ski Resort!! GORGEOUS!!! My camera absolutely doesn't do it justice (and I let my husband know this so he knows what to get me for upcoming b'day or Christmas!)

Now... the drive UP to the resort made me a little nervous....they don't have guardrails on all the turns up the mountain (!!!!!!!!!!! WTH !!!!!!!!!!!) but since I didn't see a lot of fiery car wreckage in the ravines or tire tracks going off the side of the roads as we were driving up I felt a little better. Sheesh.
The scenery was so beautiful driving up (and back) I kept trying to take pictures out of the moving vehicle. Right. Those pics didn't turn out so well. Hahahahhahahaha.

But these did:

Here's a close up of those mountains you see back there.....


The resort was PACKED with people....understandably since it was so beautiful and the air was DIVINE. There was still some snow you could see....

I basically walked around with my mouth gaping open saying stupid things like "OMG the chair lifts are so HIGH OFF THE GROUND!! I would NEVER ride that!" To which Melanie said "Well, when there's snow on the ground, it's not so high then." Bwahahahaha!!!

I looked up at the side of the mountain and then at the rushing river of melted snow (hint Dana....THINK.....but no.....instead I said) "Wow, so you ski down the mountain, and how do you avoid skiing into the river?" As soon as those words were out of my mouth I started to BWAHAHAHA because they were all telling me "well the river is FROZEN silly and covered with snow" BWAHAHAHAHA truly a dumb blonde moment.  I still giggle thinking about that! DUH!

My sweet friend Melanie!
Thank you again Melanie! XOXOXOX

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cabinet makeover

Since I returned from convention....THIS has been my enormous project (forgive the grainy, low-light, iPad photo!).... My kitchen cabinet makeover!! They were a honey oak with no hardware and I'm painting them black/espresso and adding brushed nickel hardware!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! I can't wait to show the before/after photos!!! Just a few days more.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look what was made....

....with the upcoming Stampin' Up! Score Board!! There are features on this board that are so much better than other boards out there--can't wait to share with you when the Holiday Mini comes out!!
The Holiday Mini is going to be amazing!! New dies, 1" square punch! New fabrics and a cookie press AND A SCORE BOARD!

Convention Swap-Double Embossing!!

So here is what I was working on until 1 am before I had to leave for SLC. my WOW swap for our dinner last night--I actually had several variations of this swap since I had several colors I was working with from the Beyond the Garden DSP. Stamps are Fabulous Florets and Grateful Greetings...

Double Embossing--use an embossing folder AND embossing powder! Isn't it awesome! I totally SQUEEE'd!!!

You'll notice the bottom card looks a little "over sprayed" was my husband's favorite. He said "that one is awesome, it looks like it was shot with a shotgun." Bwahahahahaa!!! I thought it would be the last to get chosen last night...but the ladies loved it! I have more pics on my camera I need to upload on my laptop (archaic...I know! HA!)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On my way to Convention!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

I was up until 1 am finishing swaps and packing for today! Gah! I'm at the airport now and I'll have updates for you....(and actually learning a bit from Lydia who is LIVE STREAMING from Convention this year!)

Stay tuned!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My little Firecracker

 Today isn't only a day to celebrate our Nation's's also my oldest girl's birthday!
Isn't she GORGEOUS!?!? OMG!!!
Stamps: July Fourth, (sentiment-retired); Smooch spritz in blue and red; Circle Punch
Happy Birthday Madison Paige!!!! We love you!!!
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Lots to SQUEEE about!!

The new Stampin' Up catalog is here and it is the best catalog EVAH in my opinion....I love it! In my 9 years with Stampin' Up it is by far the prettiest and most creative catalog yet!

Shop online 24/7 on my website

AND for the month of July, you can sign up for only $99!! This is a special kit for customers who may have been stamping who have the basics and want to get started as a Demonstrator. Click HERE for more details...

The added bonus if you sign up in July is you and I both will receive this special Christmas Keepsake project kit...a $40 value!
How about a card?! I HAVE been stamping!

I did direct to paper technique with the NEW IN COLOR stamp pads--Calypso Coral, Pool Party and Lucky Limeade...then stamped the surfboards from Summer Splash (Summer Mini catalog) and the sentiment is from Sunny Fun (Summer Mini catalog).

Stampin' Up's convention is next week! Lydia and I fly out next Wednesday for 4 days of fun and inspiration and NOM NOM NOMs! I can't wait!!! SQUEEEEE!!

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