About Me

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've loved all things art since I could paint and color. I sew, crochet, watercolor, stencil/chalk and color all the things. I am a Certified Designer with Copic Markers, and stencil all the things with Chalk Couture. Check out my website HERE. 

During the day, I work in the operating room as a circulating nurse. I have three amazing grown girls, and I'm a wife to a crazy-smart, amazing man.

I am a professional laugher, I SQUEEE and BWAHAHAA regularly, and use the name "Wonder Woman" on restaurant waiting lists. My husband promoted me to Admiral Obvious--because Captain did not do the moniker justice LOL.

"Darth Sunshine" is a nickname given to me by my brother, Skip.  We are both huge Star Wars fans. HUGE. When Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith came out in theaters he would joke that people who were mean to him or rude were Sith Lords (as in Darth Vader--who is a Sith Lord, for those of you who don't know about Star Wars characters).  One day I joked with him about being sarcastic/rude and he replied "You are a Sith Lord!" and I said, "No I am not! I am the epitome of love and kindness!" he then said:

"Then you are Darth Sunshine!"

Best nickname EVAH!  It is now my default username for everything. Love it. Hope you like blog header, it was designed by my bestie, the uber talented, Lydia Fiedler aka Understand Blue.

Feel free to leave comments--I lurve feedback. :)

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