Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring Break is going to be in SCOTLAND!!! SQUEEEE!!!

I cannot believe it!!! Hubby and I were JUST talking about how I was not PLANNING ANYTHING for our Spring Break "off". No weekend trips to Vegas or anywhere....then hubby's brother and sis-in-law have to SPOIL IT *snort* by offering boarding in the UK since they were going ANYWAY...would we want to come along, too?  What?!?!? I almost spontaneously combusted I tell you!!!  You have never seen a quicker 180 done EVAH.  Within SECONDS I was begging Hubby to pleaseohpleaseohplease can we GO TO SCOTLAND!!! SQUEEEE!!! We'll get to see Keith Castle in Scotland!  Which is called Dunnottar Castle and was one of the pit stops on The Amazing Race season 3 (the best show EVAH!!)


The man loves to save money.  It's a hobby for him.  He had to change gears from "we're saving soooo much money NOT going anywhere" to us flying across an ocean in a very big plane and transportation and food and and and.....
God Bless him....he's so wonderful.  BECAUSE WE'RE GOING!!! And he's told me he's happy to see me so excited.  That is just so stinkin' sweet.  I love that man...*sigh*

I'm stamping Valentine's tomorrow--I'll post some pictures of that fun stuff...I promise!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Most awesomest blog header EVAH!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you to my awesome friend @understandblue for doing such an AMAZING JOB!!!
Best header EVAH!!!

Lydia also designed my header on my "old" blog and now that you've seen both you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hibiscus flowers! BWAHAHA!

Hubby and I tried designing an avatar for my gaming persona years ago and just couldn't decide on anything great...without it being too cheesy.
When I told Lydia I was going to simplify my "branding" and stick with Darth Sunshine even in my stamping/blogging world she said "I've already got an idea!" which I didn't think about until today.  I messaged her and asked if she was going to have time to think about it and she replied with "Didn't you check your email? We must be on the same wavelength" and sure enough...waiting for me in my inbox was this GEM of a design.  I giggle every time I see it.
I love it...and if you know me you know it fits me perfectly!! :D

You did good Lydia.  I owe you a steak! :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Confused yet?

So if you came from my OTHER blog you know I'm trying to streamline my "branding". Most artists I know use their name as their brand--well I started a few years ago with Darth Sunshine--the nickname my brother gave me that has ultimately stuck because I'm such the Star Wars fan and I LAUGH AT EVERYTHING. (I'll explain the history in a moment).  Anyway--in looking at the big picture of "branding" myself--Darth Sunshine fits me better than Fanstampulous. Fanastampblahblah is a great "name"--but labels me only as a stamper, methinks.  My artistic realm extends beyond the stamping borders--so I didn't like the idea of being put in a box. Actually...I put myself in that box. HAHA!

SO--I already "owned" the and decided I was going to use it.  Now my Twitter ( @darthsunshine ) and gaming nickname and basically every username I have everywhere is darthsunshine. That's who I am. (Well...that and "Wonder Woman" if I'm on a wait list at a restaurant! Bwahaha)
So how did I get this name? My brother has the BEST sense of humor EVAH.  He makes me laugh continuously--I'm not kidding. Here is me and my brother, Skip, at our favorite roller coaster ride EVAH--Space Mountain at Disneyland in California!

(Yes, that is me and hubby in the front making our "signature" roller coaster ride face. Skip is right behind me MOCKING US! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laugh SO HARD when I see the picture!)

We are both Star Wars fans. HUGE fans. Not kidding you there. A few years ago he was telling me that anyone that ticked him off he was calling them Sith Lords (for those of you in the dark...a Sith Lord is Darth Vader, or Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, Darth Grievous, etc.) Later that day I was teasing him about something (neither of us remember) and he looked at me and said "That's're a Sith Lord!" and I retorted with "WhatEVAH, I'm the Epitome of Love and Kindness!!!" and his reponse was "That makes you Darth SUNSHINE!".  OMG I laughed SO HARD...we were both gasping for air at the time.  So stinking funny.  The best nickname EVAH. that the history is blogged....I'm working on transferring all my links from my old blog to this one. Most of my links are up. I'm going to persuade my BWAHAHA-sista Lydia to maybe do a new Blog Header for me...with cash of course :D

I've got some stamping classes coming up--I'll be posting again soon!
Thanks for sticking around!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SQUEEEEE!!! New Products!!!! And Leadership Conference!!! SQUEEE!

The Occasions Mini Catalog lauches tomorrow January 5th!

AND SALE-A-BRATION!!! If you're new to the Stampin' Up world--Sale-A-Bration (SAB) is an annual mini-catalog where with every $50 you spend in product you choose one free item from the SAB catalog! SO FUN! This year SAB has not just stamps, but paper and even PUNCHES!

Just scroll through the catalogs....giddiness abounds! I looove new toys to get my fingers inky with! The new clear block stamps are AWESOME...and storage in the DVD cases is just brilliant! LOVE IT!

Wednesday I fly out to Phoenix, AZ for Stampin' Up's Leadership Conference! Soooo excited! We'll have classes and info on new products and possibly sneak-peeks into what's coming up later this year...SO EXCITED!!! And even more exciting than that is girlfriend time! I'll get to meet up again with my friend Lydia--who only lives in not-so-far-away-Austin--but who I get to communicate with often via Twitter.
I also get to finally meet one of my Twitter friends in real life (IRL)-- @Moeneeke--Monique, from California!

I finally finished my New Year's Cards.  I'm mailing them out tomorrow to the rest of my friends and Twitter Friends (or...Tweeple hehe). Wow...
OH MY GOSH. I just realized I posted TWO BLOG POSTS IN TWO DAYS!!!!
Let me go take my temperature.
Peruse the catalogs--and if there's anything you want, need or just MUST HAVE please go to my website and SHOP AWAY!!! :D You can order online through my website and have your order shipped directly to your house! Fantastic!
(and click on the "SHOP NOW" button in the top right corner)

I'll post an update or two while in Phoenix (shocker, I know!!!)
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family photo and TWENTYTEN!!!

First of all--I promise to start my Christmas cards BEFORE THANKSGIVING next year.  Wait. THIS year! It's twentyten!  So I had to stamp HAPPY NEW YEAR inside my cards this year. Oy! I'll be posting the pic of the card this week...don't want to spoil it for my friends who haven't received theirs yet! HAHA.

We've started this tradition to include a family photo...and a letter...with our Christmas Cards.  This year I scrapped the letter--it's so hard to compile the lives of 5 people onto one page.  More than one page in a Christmas Card is a little much.  Really.  Who wants to read a novel with a card? Ahhh I digress...but here was our photo.  We decided to do something different and this version won because my hubby liked the expression on my face with Chibi licking my chin.  So cute!

That's me, with Chibi our adorable Bichon Frise, my hubby Dean, Delaney (11 yrs), Kayci (10 yrs) and Madison (15 yrs). We had a lot of fun trying to take this photo (my father in law is holding the camera).

So I don't really like to do resolutions every New Year, because I basically set myself up for failure. Seriously.  I've NEVER EVAH kept my resolutions. However, this year I'll be 40 and I promised myself years ago that I would be in the best shape of my life EVAH by I'm getting serious about that.  Now. Plus my favorite Triathlon is in June and I plan to be so ready for it!!

As for my stamping goals for 2010, I plan to:

Blog at least once a week.  I can do that.  I enjoy blogging and will most likely have new stampin' stuff to post each I plan to share more!

Participate in more challenges--I love them.  I really loved KWernerDesign's challenge, so I hope she picks it back up. But I've also discovered many more that I want to participate in!

Both of the above mean I will set aside time to stamp at least once a week.  Life gets away from me usually and I have this fabulous crafty space to work in...I want to utilize it more.  So I will!

I've also decided I'm going back to my Franklin Covey planner.  My iphone calender is great for setting alarms for stuff--but I'm a tactile/hands-on person and need a central location to write my TO-DO and plans.

Wow. All this and I don't have a card to post!  Stay tuned! I'll be back!
Happy New Year!

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