Thursday, July 22, 2010

Convention 2010 in Salt Lake City

I have to thank my good friend, Lydia, for forcing me to update my blog. She has been the most awesomest giver of all info regarding Convention 2010 and she shared a VERRRRY flattering picture of me today that I must share with go check out her blog and you can see me playing Twister (scroll to the bottom). I'm kinda into the game at the point she took the photo...but all I can say is I'm glad you aren't looking at my behind and I'm not flashing you any cleavage or my bra BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  Here's a more flattering picture...of both of us.  Stampin' Up had a FLOWER POWER PARTY last night and had a face painting that is what is on my left cheek.  It was a very 70's Retro type party...pretty fun!
This is just PART ONE of my post! I'm sharing all the good stampy goodness later this evening.  This year at Convention I'm a MAKE AND TAKE HELPER!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!
Basically I get to help all the attendees when they are making they stampy goodness goodies during "MAKE AND TAKES".  So needless to say I'm VERY EXCITED!!!!
Thanks for stopping by--and come back--there's more to see later!!
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