Monday, July 4, 2011

My little Firecracker

 Today isn't only a day to celebrate our Nation's's also my oldest girl's birthday!
Isn't she GORGEOUS!?!? OMG!!!
Stamps: July Fourth, (sentiment-retired); Smooch spritz in blue and red; Circle Punch
Happy Birthday Madison Paige!!!! We love you!!!
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Lydia Fiedler said...

She IS beautiful!!! Just like her momma!!

I LOVE that card!! I was sitting here trying to figure out how you got your sponging so even and then I read (as a last resort) that it's Smooch - HAHAH. Lovely!

WV: Mosigne - the mosigne said I couldn't be a priest because I was a girl!

Lisa - papergrace said...

Beautiful card, but more importantly beautiful young woman. I just know she takes after YOU. xoxo

Mel Hopes said...

Wow what a beautiful young lady you have there. I can't wait to meet her. How old is she?

They grow way to fast!!!!

The card is a really cool card. And what a fun day to have your birthday, they always have fireworks just for her!

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