Thursday, January 20, 2011

a true friend....

Last weekend I got to spend some time with my bestest friend from high school EVAH! Stephanie and I hadn't seen each other in 13 years and it was like no time whatsoever had passed....the minute I walked in the door of her GORGEOUS home (at 11 pm!) we just started catching up....until almost 4 am!

She and I met way back in 1984..... my family moved from San Diego, California to Waco, Texas. I began my freshman year in high school in Waco, Texas after living several years in California. I was a girl with short-short hair, did NOT carry a purse, didn't wear jeans, or ropers or listen to country music. In Central Texas. Freshman Year. Yeah, it was awkward. Culture shock.

I share all this to say...awkward, weirdo me then met Stephanie...who made my few years in Central Texas the best EVAH. We consistently had more fun than should be allowed--getting in trouble for laughing in Physical Science, and volleyball practice...and youth group lunches....(until I moved to Corpus Christi halfway through my junior year in high school.)  And we've stayed good friends all this time.

She's one of the funniest people I know. So, knowing me and my crazy laugh....I laugh a LOT when I'm with her.
So much fun. And I'm so grateful to have had last weekend with her! THANK YOU STEPH!!

One of the things I got to do last weekend was attend the Stamp, Scrap and Art Tour in Mesquite--and Steph came with me so I could show her a bit of my obession--stamping! I bought some new Nestabilities, and irreverant stamps that I'll show off in future stampy goodness.  But for are a couple of cards...

First, from one of Stampin' Up's Simply Sent Card Kits:

I love that glitter...and these kits are great when you just want a quick card...all the elements are there, you don't really have to think about it and the kits even include a stampin' spot (mini stamp pad) along with all the embellishments! Awesomeness.

This card was fun to make. Well....I can say that now that it's done and super cute....but WHILE I was making it I was thinking "another step? more cutting? ugh" because this card takes some time...embossing the background, softening and wrinkling cardstock so you can peel apart the layers for the "suede" look, cutting by hand tiny flowers, brads, ribbon etc etc get the picture. However, once it's all in place it totally made me SQUEEEE!!!!
(All supplies from Stampin' Up)

Thanks for stopping by...come back again soon!

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