Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 needs to slow the HECK DOWN!!!

I tell ya...I was thinking I JUST POSTED my Christmas Card...and what do I realize? It is FREAKING APRIL 12th!! It is quite annoying to feel like I'm in a perpetual time suck!
Anywho--I've been spending lots of time crafting--painting, hand lettering, watercoloring...I've just been stingy about sharing it with you all. I know. So selfish. **wahh wahh**
You can see some of my art via my Instagram account @darth.sunshine it's a smattering of all things Dana, but some of it is fun, and artsy.
The new Stampin' Up catalog launches in a few weeks--and I'm quite excited about the new stamps and accessories! I'll share more soon!!

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