Monday, July 7, 2014

Why HELLLLLooooooo there, stranger!!!

I was quite horrified when I saw that it has been EXACTLY one year since I've posted on this blog!! HOLY CRAP! lol

Last year was a rough dad was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer (Thank GOD he is doing well right now!)....I changed jobs and went back to night shift nursing in the NICU. God Bless it I love those babies...but my body cannot work the mother truckin' night shift. But now....NOW thank GOD I've got a regular day schedule, life is good.
I held my monthly stamp class in June and it was FABULOUS to get back together with my friends and make some cards! So I have a lot to post! :D

But mostly.....look at the blinkie to the right of your see it? Understand Blue's UNWIND retreat that will be held before Stampin' Up's convention next Wednesday, July 16th! If you're going to be in Salt Lake City and want to learn some FUN crafty stuff, then sign up today! Space is limited!!!


1 comment:

Leslie Hanna said...

Welcome back to the day shift! I've missed you! Have fun in SLC!

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