Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Please stand by....

My power supply on my computer died. It's been sick for awhile...deciding on a whim to shut down completely--usually in the middle of editing a photo...or a blog post...or trying to submit a Stampin' Up order. Yeah, fun times. So it's been a gamble to begin a blog post and wonder if I get to finish it. So I went to my laptop...which is just old enough and slow enough to make a 30 minute task take 2.5 hours. Frustrating.

I married well--besides my husband being patient, kind, funny, etc....he's also my in-house tech support. He doesn't consider himself "handy" at all (even though he's uninstalled and installed a dishwasher, among other things)...but he is our computer/tech guru and considering the time we live in he's incredibly "handy"!
It's awesome having full access to someone who builds computers (his day job is programming, he builds computers for "fun"). So...he's rebuilding my computer now.

So, bear with me (as I post this via email from my phone! LOL) Because I've had lots of stampy goodness to share!! Working on my Christmas card...plan...hahaha haven't cut paper yet (from the girl who sent "New Year's" cards one year!)!

Please excuse any typos as this email was sent from my iPhone. :-)

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Leslie Hanna said...

Your signature always cracks me up!

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