Sunday, June 12, 2011


Knee surgery went very well--no complications and thankfully I wasn't intubated, which means I didn't wake up with that horrendous sore throat! Yay!

Now that I'm in recuperation mode I can say it is TERRIBLY hard for me to just sit still.  And I can't just sit. I have had to elevate my left leg because it has been swelling terribly. Pfffth. So this means it has made even stamping difficult for me. It's made me a little grumpy, actually. Stamping withdrawal. Now that it's been a full week I'm hoping I'll be able to tolerate sitting up longer. I'm dying to get back into my stamp room now that summer has begun. It's not all a waste--I'm a huge movie watcher--so have been able to watch the foreign films and "chick flicks" my husband doesn't care to watch....and still love watching the Sci-Fi and Action ones, too! (I'm about to watch the new Star Trek "reboot" from 2009!)

A couple of weeks ago Lydia and I met up with Libby and Lisa and went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin...and I've had pictures from that day since then I promised I would email to them. Have I mentioned I put the PRO in procrastination? HA! I am just now emailing those pictures!! Here's my favorite!

I'll be playing with several challenges this summer--like Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger--so my next post will have a card for you. PROMISE!
What are some of your favorite challenges?

1 comment:

Lydia Fiedler said...

hahaha! We must wear our procrastination with pride!!!

Hey - our shirts look way cool together!!!

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