Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all about the Pie....

This weekend I met up with my BFF Lauren and Tracy in Round Top, Texas for some antique and craft shopping. I've never been and WOW, I'm pretty sure all of Texas showed up...except maybe a few husbands out there.  My hubby would have been tortured to "endure" such a day....but I LOVED IT!!!

We began our weekend by eating dinner at Royer's Round Top Cafe--where they are famous for their pies. And lemme tell you....oooohhhheemmmmgeeeee FREAKIN' GOOOOOD.  I knew I was going to take home a whole Chocolate Chip Pie (OMGx6!!!) so decided to eat a slice of Buttermilk Deluxe Pie--which has coconut and chocolate chips in it. All their pies are served with a scoop of AMY'S ICE CREAM which OMG is the BESTEST ICE CREAM ON THE PLANET (sorry, Blue Bell, you're a close 2nd).  Royer's actually CHARGES you 50 cents if you want your pie WITHOUT ice cream! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Their online menu is hilarious, go read it.  It'll make you laugh, and then you'll want to drive however far it is to eat their amazing food. Soooo glad we began our trip on this high note.  Here's a pic of my pie....Lauren ate Butterscotch Chip and Tracy had Apple. All were AHHHHmazing.

Saturday we spent in Warrenton shopping....I can't even begin to describe the scene...imagine tent after tent after tent along both side of the road for MILES and 3-19 tents DEEP on each side of vendors selling their antiques, crafts, name it. Thousands of vendors across Warrenton, Round Top and between Round Top and's amazing.  I did find a few Pelicans! (SQUEEE--I collect Pelicans FYI) and a birthday present for my mom.  YAY!

Tracy convinced us we should get an Old Time Photo done and we're so glad she had the idea because this is the result:
We're like the Charlie's Angels! Except we are dressed like hookers...and I'm sure neither of us could hit a target! BWAHAHAHA!!!

Such a fun weekend! Looking forward to the next one!

I'm reorganizing my stamp area--can decide how to store my sizzix dies and nestabilities! If you have an idea, please share it! I need help!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll have stampy goodness this week! Also, Lydia and I are going to a Kitchen Sink Stamps event in Houston next Saturday!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Can't wait!!!



Unknown said...

you are the second friend and blogger that went to Round Top this w/e AND you both ate at Royers ;) ... now i want pie. hpmf! LOVE the pic!!!

Mel Hopes said...

Dana, at work we store all the sizzlet dies in baseball card pages in a binder. It is really nice. We put the name of the die in one pocket and the a piece of paper with the cut out of the die in another and then when you have the die out you know right where to put it back! It is awesome. One of the girls at work came up with this great idea.

The pie looks amazing and how funny they charge you more for no icecream!!!!

Love the picture of you.


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