Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yes, I'm a "gamer"

We got back from our cruise 2 weeks ago (never EVAH again will I plan it so we have to drive home for 8 hours AFTER a cruise. Galveston all the way baby!!), had 3 days at home before hubby and I drove up to Dallas for Quakecon--4 days of Peace, Love & Rockets--a gaming convention sponsored by id Software.  Hubby and I bring up our desktop computers, and play video games with about 3000 other gamers in a huge room at the Anatole Hotel. So. Freakin. Fun.
This is called the BYOC=Bring Your Own Computer

While I was playing, a news crew came and interviewed me!  If you don't know my laugh, after this interview you will know why I say BWAHAHAHAHAHA on my blog!

I just realized I don't have any gamer stamps! Must remedy that!

I started back to work this week--preparing the school clinic for the new school year. I'm wiped out, and so glad I have a weekend to recoup! I'm going up to Austin to see my friend Lydia tomorrow and looking forward to our NOM NOM NOMs and BWAHAHAHAing! Watch out Austin, TX!! 

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Leslie Hanna said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Love the laugh AND the do! Go curly, baby!

WV: quinm
Nothing like the mighty Quinm!

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