Friday, July 23, 2010

Convention!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!

I had the most fun evening EVAH!!! Fantastic dinner with good friends at Takashi--an amazing sushi restaurant within walking distance from our hotel, and then an unexpected FUN tour of SLC! Lydia's (and my) friend, Melanie, met us for dinner and had a wonderful surprise for us.  First of all--she is EXTREMELY talented--she sews, quilts, name it, she can do it....and she works in Concept Design for Stampin' Up!! Anywho....she knitted socks for Lydia and myself!!! LOOKY!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!
They are "pedicure socks"...perfect to have my little piggies painted while wearing them...AND....they have PURPLE in them (my favoritest color EVAH). What a sweetie to have taken the time to kni these for us!!! Amazing!
After dinner, Melanie showed us some of the beautiful LDS Temples in the area....OHEMMMMGEEEE talk about breathtaking!
I loved having the time to visit with girlfriends and see the gorgeous sites of SLC.

Now, I promised I'd share some stampy goodness with you.....these are all from the displays here at Convention.

Check out these cupcakes....WAIT!!! Are they made from PAPER?!?!?! OMG yes they are!!! That is cardstock decorated with Stampin' Up's adhesive pearls!!

I don't usually share scrapbook pages...but this little cutie was too cute to pass up. I love the flower in the upper corner!
Tomorrow I will get to help out with the Make & Take session (see previous post) and I'm SO EXCITED!!!

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Jenn said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! ENJOY!

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