Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This monkey won't hurt you...and other true stories...

 We're having a baby shower for one of the teachers at my school and I volunteered to make the card to go with the gift certificate we're getting her. She's having a boy--and the nursery has a Jungle Theme--so I decided to use my Fox & Friends stamp set to create this card. My least favorite thing to do in crafting is cutting out stuff--I really have so little patience--but this card would not be the same without cutting out each individual animal. Even the Monkey and Lion I cut out an extra head. The Lion even has an EXTRA mane cut out and layered on there--craziness!!! These are REEAAAALLLLY tiny heads, too. But it looks soooo cute...that lion does. And that monkey is so cute...he's got a little smirk on his face doesn't he? He's ready to scream and pull someone's hair. HAHAHA

Actually that happened to me. I'm talking about a monkey pulling my hair. No joke. I was on a 3rd grade Field Trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo and there was a cage full of Spider Monkeys. I got right up to the cage and was "communicating" with one of the monkeys who was so cute and soooo close --when suddenly he SCREAMED and reached through the bars, grabbed my bangs and pulled me forward and banged my head into the cage!!! TWICE!!! OMG talk about trauma for an 8 year old!!! GAH!! My kids LOOOOVE that story.

This post was my first time playing with Picasa--Google's photo editing software...I think me likey.

Anway--onto other things--we leave for Scotland in TWO DAYS!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! So excited!!! I plan to drain my camera battery every day we're there!!!
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