Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My new HEADER!!!

One of my newest besties EVAH is Lydia Fiedler, you may also know her as Understandblue. She is a brilliant stampin' sista and crafter. Super creative!  You must click on the linky above to go to her Blog.  She is HILARIOUS (my brother's favorite word, but that's another story) and also hosts these great WEBINARS for Google Reader (which I have get to do), and BLOGS.  The other neat thing Lydia does is design blog headers....she won a contest and designed MARTHA STEWART'S craft blog yes, MARTHA STEWART!!!! Ok, I'll stop yelling.

ANYwhoooo...I gave Lydia some parameters...what my likes/dislikes are and she gave me a first draft which was super cute but I started to think "what about....??? or...???" oh boy. I'm so glad she's still my friend because I woulda been OMG girl STOP.  She gave me another couple of revisions and when it came down to it guess which won the most votes? THE FIRST ONE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA  Poor Lydia, all that extra work for nuttin!

But me likey my new banner!!! THANK YOU LYDIA!!!!

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