Monday, August 25, 2008

Darth WHO!?!?!

So, this nickname is just a bit silly....and here's how I got it.

My brother, Skip (younger than me by 2 yrs), is HILARIOUS (his favorite word!), and super witty/funny. He makes me LOL constantly!
ANYWHO--one day after the new Star Wars movies were out (we're HUGE Star Wars fans!) he joked with me that if anyone he knew did anything mean to him they were then called a "Sith Lord" (aka like Darth Vadar, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul--all these guys are Sith Lords). Shortly after he shared this info with me I teased him about something...he didn't like it...and he said "okay, you're a Sith Lord now!!!" and I said "NO WAY, I'm the epitome of Love and Kindness!" and he retorted with "Then you're Darth Sunshine!" and it has totally stuck. I think it's the best nickname I've ever had and I plan to USE it ad nauseum. :) favoritest hobby in the world is Stamping...Rubber Stamping and Paper crafts to be exact and I created a blog before titled
Stampin' With Dana (which sounds pretty lame btw). So in messing around with my gmail I remembered I have a darthsunshine@gmail acct and could therefore start over with my more creative nickname. So vain, I know.

Check back often...I plan to waste LOADS of time uploading to this site...starting later because I'm meeting my bestest friend for lunch in 30 minutes.

Hope I made you LOL ...or smile at least!

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